What is the replacement warranty?

All of Athena Masotti’s products are sourced with high standards and tested for durability. We have confidence in our products, and we want our customers to feel the same. The replacement warranty exists to ensure that our customers receive the items they deserve and items that are representative of our brand. 

 The warranty is a three-year replacement service guarantee that provides our customers with the replacement of an original purchase on the condition of unexpected product failures. The replacement is at no charge to the claimer except for shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. Customers can make a total of one claim per purchase within three years from the purchase date—the proof of purchase is required.  

Do I qualify for the replacement warranty?  

The replacement warranty is applicable to all of the jewellery items under the Athena Masotti product line. Qualifying items must have been purchased from either the official Athena Masotti website or a retailer approved by the brand. If an item was received as a gift, then it qualifies for the replacement warranty on the condition that the recipient has the correct proof of purchase information.

 The replacement warranty is not available for wholesale purchases at this time.  

How do I make a replacement claim?  

Email the Athena Masotti customer service team at with your replacement claim request. Make sure to include your order number or the order’s confirmation email if the purchase was made online. If the purchase was made at a physical store location, then send the Athena Masotti customer service team a photo of the receipt. Please include the reason for your replacement request. 

 If your replacement claim is applicable under Athena Masotti’s policies, then a special code will be emailed to you within three to five business days. The code can be used to order a replacement through the official Athena Masotti website.  

What if my product is either no longer available or out of stock?

If a product is either no longer available or out of stock, then it can be replaced with a similar item of the same value that is currently available for purchase. 

What is excluded from the replacement warranty?

The replacement warranty is not a repair plan. It pertains to the replacement of jewellery items only. Items such as essential oils are not included in the warranty. In addition, the replacement warranty is not applicable to a change of heart about purchased items. 

 Athena Masotti does not offer services in maintenance, repair, sizing, or any other similar services.  

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